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Fatal House Fire in Hixson

MIDNIGHT UPDATE: After reports that someone was trapped inside, firefighters did rescue one victim who was taken to the hospital.  They could not reach the...

Is leaving germ-x in a hot car dangerous?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) - Summer is here and most people now have a bottle of hand sanitizer inside your homes and cars. But is leaving the...

Family Devastated After Carousel Road House Fire

At the beginning of the Carousel subdivision are the scars left behind after four people from the Little family died during Sunday night’s tragic house fire.

Four People Killed In Sunday Morning House Fire

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - Four people have died and one was injured in a house fire on Sunday morning. According to the Chattanooga Fire Department,...

News 12 Tours Restricted Areas Considered a “War Zone”

We got a better look at the Holly Hills neighborhood devastated by the storm. With the help of C.A.R.T.A., News 12 joined Chattanooga police and fire department officials for a special tour.
Grace Baptist Elementary Sign

Chattanooga Fire Department Update on Rescue and Recovery Efforts

The Chattanooga Fire Department continues to respond to the hardest hit areas of the city following the recent round of severe weather.

Chattanooga firefighters in self-quarantine

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) - The Chattanooga Fire Department is down several firefighters who have been exposed to people with COVID-19 symptoms. The Department says some are...

Firefighter pulls boy from burning home in East Brainerd

"At this point we don't know much more other than they are at the hospital receiving treatment that they need."

Clerk thanks firefighters for saving her hand from safe

"I couldn't feel my finger though but I was happy"

Store clerk gets hand stuck in the safe

Her fingers got stuck in a tumbler lock.

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