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What's Right With Our Schools

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From Here to Career Academy focuses Catoosa students on their career

Three Catoosa County high schools participated in the new program this year.

Celebrate the graduating 5th graders at Hardy Elementary

The indoor graduation went outdoors this year.

Ringgold seniors reflect at a drive thru pickup

"I'm really honored by all of the wonderful stuff that we are getting to do"

Coping with online teaching at Hamilton County Schools

Kids adapt easily, but parents and teachers can struggle to come to terms with the new technology.

Graduating seniors are in limbo thanks to Covid-19

A school counselor says they are going through grief for their lost year.

East Hamilton School Tornado Relief

Students at East Hamilton School impacted by the tornadoes now can get help, thanks to a relief center set up at the school.

Home schooling during the Coronavirus pandemic

Students, parents and teachers are trying to do the best they can while learning from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.
What's Right With Our Schoolsvideo

Skyuka Hall online learning

As teachers prepare online lesson plans, one school is doing its part to help kids who might need some extra attention.

Orchard Knob Elementary food distribution

One elementary school is making sure kids don't go hungry while they are out of school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Young Authors

Some young authors are showing off their writing skills, and now have their own published books.

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