Mom To Mom – Put A Different Spin on Sidewalk Chalk With Puffy Paint


We’re going to show you a different spin on sidewalk chalk. I love puffy paint and my kids love sidewalk chalk. So when I came across this recipe for sidewalk chalk puffy paint, I knew I had to make it, and the best part about this, it is so easy.
Basically, all you really need is some chalk, that we have right here. You just need some flour, water, and soap, and these fun little bottles right here, so the kids can just go outside and squeeze, and just do all the art they want.

Let’s start with the chalk. What you’re going to do is take a piece of chalk and then a grater, and then just rub it against the smallest part of the grater that you have. Less chalk equals lighter the color. More chalk you use is darker the color. Once you have your desired amount, you’re going to take it and put it into your mixing bowl.
We’re going to take our one cup of flour, then our one cup of water, and then our one tablespoon of regular dish soap. Throw it all into a mixing bowl. Mix it up to where there’s no clumps. Pour it into your fun squirt bottle, where you can get it basically any craft store you would like, then you’re ready to paint.

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Once you try this fun sidewalk puffy paint, I promise you’re never going to want to use sidewalk chalk again.

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