Can buffets continue after Covid-19, some Golden Corral locations are reopening


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Will Americans go back to buffet-style restaurants as Covid-19 restrictions ease up?

Golden Corral restaurants are beginning to reopen all across the country.

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In Tennessee, you still cannot have customers serving themselves in restaurants.

But a Knoxville location has found away around that.

Like in other states, they are still preparing a buffet for customers.

But now when you go through, the employees serve your plate from what you pick.

So it has become more cafeteria style instead of buffet.

Some restaurants are saying they will keep the new process even when the virus is past us.

Apparently, the national company is offering local restaurants 3 options.. a traditional buffet.. the cafeteria line.. or a family style where employees bring a buffet to your table and serve you.

The Golden Corral in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee will reopen this weekend.

No word yet on the locations in our area.