Household Items To Build Your Quarantine Gym

Sit-Ups at Home

We are all stuck at home with all kinds of time to work out but stores and online outlets are scarce on home gym equipment, so what can we do? Below are five household items you can use to get an at-home-workout.


1. Gallon Water/Milk jug

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The typical jug of milk or water weighs about 8 lbs. Wrap a belt around the jug’s handle to have something to grab and you have a homemade kettle bell, ready to do swings, snatches,and Turkish get-ups. Want to up the challenge fill the jug with sand and you’ll be working with about 13 lbs. of weight.

2. Bed Sheet

No need to spend money on a suspension trainer. Tie a knot in one end of a bed sheet. Place the sheet over a door(make sure the door opens opposite of you). Grasp the un-knotted end of the sheet for a set of face pulls, inverted rows, or underhanded inverted rows.

3. Door

While at the door you have a pull-up bar, no need for an overpriced door frame attachment. Just place a solid block, book, or thick magazine under the door opposite the hinges. This will keep the door from swinging and also support the door so it doesn’t pull off the hinges.

4. Dining Chairs

Probably one of the most diverse pieces of workout equipment in your house, the common dining chair allows you to perform many exercises. Arrange two chairs parallel to each other to perform sets of dips or tricep extensions. Use a single chair to perform incline and decline push-ups to work the chest.

5. Towel

Time to hit the core and we can do it with a towel, whether it’s a hand towel, bath towel, or beach towel all will work. You will need to the perform these exercises on hardwood, linoleum or vinyl flooring. Place the towel on the floor under your knees to perform body weight pullovers. To up the intensity, start in a plank position with your toes on the towel, then being to draw your knees to your chest to really work the core.